Todd Oly Olsen's

Barbell Strength Training and Self Defense

     Thanks for visiting Todd has over 40 years experience in fitness and athletics which include

Competitive Bodybuilding, Power Lifting, Boxing and Professional Wrestling. Todd is a certified trainer but there isn't any certification that can equal all of that "real world" experience.

     Barbell training has always been the most effective way to train for strength. And, thanks to ​You Tube there is more training information available then ever before but it can be difficult to know what is right and what is wrong. Todd has been there, and can help you through this process. He will teach you!  

    The Squat, Dead Lift, Bench Press, Overhead Press and their variants are the very best exercises or "lifts" for gaining overall full body strength. This goes equally for males and females. Todd teaches these lifts and how to program them for progress, as well as useful supplemental lifts and exercises

     Todd works with clients of all kinds. He does not automatically assume that someone is helpless just because they are older or because they have a health issue of some kind. Todd's clients include women and men of all ages and abilities. He also works with many post surgery/post PT clients. They all get stronger!

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"If my training session goes great, I can hardly wait until the next one. If my training session doesn't go great, I can hardly wait until the next one."

                                      -Todd Oly Olsen 


What does it consist of? (1)Todd will get to know you a little and talk to you about your training. (2) He will explain the basics of progressive programming. (3) He will check your body mechanics, making sure you understand how to push, pull and squat. (4) You will go to the weight room and start learning the exercises or "lifts." 

The Consultation is great for beginners, intermediate and advanced trainees alike!