Todd Oly Olsen's

Barbell Strength Training and Self Defense

     Thanks for visiting Barbell Strength Training and Self Defense. Todd Oly Olsen has over 40 years experience in fitness and athletics which include

Competitive Bodybuilding, Boxing and Professional

Wrestling. Todd is a certified trainer but there isn't any certification that can equal all of that experience. 

     Barbell training has made a come back, thanks in part to the internet. It's great to see but nothing can replace the one on one attention and reality from a trainer with this kind of experience. Books and You Tube videos can take a person only so far. Todd is both a trainer and a coach and he is live and in person. 

    The Squat, Dead Lift, Bench Press and Overhead Press are the very best exercises or "lifts" for gaining overall, full body strength. This goes equally for males and females. Todd didn't invent this fact, but it is a fact, none the less. Todd teaches the four main lifts as well as useful supplemental lifts and exercises. 

"If my training session goes great, I can hardly wait until the next one. If my training session doesn't go great, I can hardly wait until the next one."

                                      -Todd Oly Olsen